Dr. Samuel K.W. Chu, The University of Hong Kong

Expert in EdTech, Game-based Learning, Gamification in Education, 21st Century Skills, Social Media in Education, Plagiarism-free Collaborative Inquiry Project-based Learning, Digital Literacies, School and Academic Librarianship, Knowledge Management. Learn More

Dr. James Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Big Data Analysis, Data Management, Large-scale Network/Graph Analysis, Distributed systems, Large-scale Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Expert. Learn More

Dr. Hong Huang, University of South Florida

Information & Library Science, Bioinformatics, and Information & Learning Technology Expert. Learn More

Dr. Xiao Hu, The University of Hong Kong

Learning Analytic, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Affect Computing, Music Information Retrieval, & Data Science Expert. Learn More

Dr. John K.W. Yuen, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Chinese Etymology, Ancient Chinese Language & Etymology, Chu Bamboo Manuscript, Traditional Chinese Medical Literature, Chinese Font from computer expert. Learn More

Dr. Leo Yeung, Alumni of The University of Hong Kong

Expert in Computer Science, Coding and STEM education. Learn More

Dr. Kendra M. Wu, University of Oxford

Expert in Infectious Disease, Outbreak Control, Epidemiology, Geriatric Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Public Health and Global Health. Learn More

Mr. Michael Sullivan, Alumni of University of Illinois

Expert in Early Childhood Education, Children Story Writing, Composing and Singing.