eFunLearning, along with the help of A22 coordinated by Dr. Sam Chu, has invented a method that has proven to be effective to help kindergartners to establish an interest and habit in reading and to help them develop their reading ability. It has attracted investment from an angel fund. The company has already completed the 2nd version of its online learning app and it’s welcomed by 200+ students in a trial kindergarten. The feedback from teachers and parents have been excellent. Seeing the potential of this company, a venture capital fund firm has also approached eFunLearning and see if they would like to have further investment. (Learn More)


HKSTP Incu-Tech programme member Aerosim (HK) was a startup formed in 2014 by a group of young flight enthusiasts to research and develop synthetic Flight Training Devices (SFTDs). The devices can be used as a flight simulation training platform for serving pilots to practise flying and enhancing flight safety. They can also help the general public understand more about piloting airplanes and young people develop an interest in flying as a career choice. Most importantly for Aerosim, schools can make use of SFTDs for professional lead-in training, to help meet the growing demand for pilots in Hong Kong and the region. (Learn More)

Through A22’s assistance coordinated by Dr. Sam Chu, the company currently gamifies aviation knowledge and aviation English for its courses.

Lexica (Intralogue Limited)

Intralogue is an innovative software development company that combines the latest AI technology with design thinking, reinventing modern research for creative practice and education. Through A22’s assistance coordinated by Dr. Sam Chu, we have helped Intralogue in their development of Lexica, a dialogue system for library powered by AI. It delivers library service and resource to patrons through smart conversations; helps them seek information and knowledge faster and better. Lexica integrates 3 primary library services; reference service, research assistant, and general enquiry. (Learn More)