Course Instructors

       Originally from Ireland, Evelyn studied Business Studies to Masters level. After working in finance for 2 years, she returned to university and gained a Master in Education. Evelyn worked for 8 years at primary/elementary level in Dubai, U.A.E. before moving to Hong Kong in 2018 where she currently works as a part-time researcher in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong.

        Born and raised in Canada, Gillian is a native English speaker with a passion for learning new languages. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and a Master’s degree in Public Health. Since she was young, Gillian has loved reading books. Her favourite genres include historical fiction, travelogues, and mystery. She is also an experienced writer, having authored several academic papers. 

        Umer obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Engineering) degree from The University of Hong Kong in 2019. He has 5 years’ experience of teaching Mathematics and Physics to students ranging from primary level to IB/A-Levels as a private tutor. His teaching career has been a resounding success and he has managed to improve his students’ ability to think and critically analyze. His experience, his passion for teaching and his proficiency in English language has enabled him to deliver the content coherently and articulately. As a result, his students have shown great progress in their test scores in recent years. He has taught students belonging to Independent Schools Foundation and Harrow International School, two of the best IB and A-level schools in Hong Kong. His students have obtained an average grade of ‘6’ in IB, a marked improvement from the average grade ‘4’before his appointment. Under him, students, who obtained a ‘B’ grade in O-Levels, achieved an outstanding grade ‘A*’ in Edexcel A-Levels in Mathematics and Physics.

        Prior to attending HKU, Umer completed his A-Levels from the best school in Pakistan, Karachi Grammar School, and obtained straight A* in 5 subjects he undertook. Besides teaching, he has been working as a Research Assistant in Faculty of Education, HKU. His familiarity with the latest research in education, modern technology incluing Artificial Intelligence due to his engineering background, and the art of teaching makes him a well-rounded educator.

        Xiaodan obtained her degree for Master of Science in Information Technology in Education from The University of Hong Kong. She has 3 years of teaching experience as a TCSL teacher (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) to design tailored courses for oversea teachers in mainland China. Xiaodan has a rich academic background and comprehensive competency in Chinese teaching for oversea adults, IT application in education (Master Major), Food Science and Engineering (Bachelor Major), and English (Bachelor Minor). She is certified Level 2 Grade A for PRC in National Mandarin Test, as well as having High School English Teacher Qualification and Certificate in PRC.